Omni-mind is like a tabula rasa(clean slate). I can write whatever I need on tabula rasa, it is very dangerous also. Ancient Indian and Western(middle and modern) society is the greatest example for Omni-Mind. The greatest western thinkers have given famous thoughts in multiple areas in one area(ex: Kant, Plato, Aristotle, and mainly Socrates ). My mind is Omni(after 22 years old and readers will laugh). Omni-Mind doesn’t mean to think In multiple areas but gives the complete 360 angle viewpoints to thought(idea, emotion, and feeling). In life, anyone has to learn how to say YES to NO. Omni learning starts when we say no to anyone’s ideology and question others. The major threat to human survival is to keep on saying yes, agree, and obey what he received in his/her life. We feel all our problems are obstacles to the path but this creates omnipresence of oneself. I feel spontaneity, living moment by moment and creativity are by-products of Omni-mind.

I haven’t said NO to my teachers and professor in school and college(I used to say yes madam/sir loudly with or without understanding what she/he says). My first Omni-thought was about how fell in love with a beautiful girl(I mean it and the worst part of that this thought was that I was not handsome). It has laid a foundation for my conscious thought process when I thought about Omnipresence. UPSC preparation helped me in building a multi-dimensional solving approach to any problem and also made me make jokes on our laws and system. That is the reason(Omni-mind) I like versatile personalities (ex: vijaysetuapti, RGV, AB Devillers, and others). I created my individuality When I start putting my mind in every angle for every thought.

I strongly believe in saying No, arguments, criticism, and debates should be part of every moment.

i jut love to write my silence in words