Love, love, love, love……… I love my school science teacher more than anything in my life(just physically but she married). I used to fell in love whenever I saw a woman, so my count is very high. Like others, I also thought love==woman. Every Indian has to love India as like brothers and sisters(but no love country like brothers and sisters). Every love one thing that is selfishness(indirectly). They want to take care of his/her family. Many of them don’t love their partners but they love the feeling that they are in love. People say, “ I don’t love…


Omni-mind is like a tabula rasa(clean slate). I can write whatever I need on tabula rasa, it is very dangerous also. Ancient Indian and Western(middle and modern) society is the greatest example for Omni-Mind. The greatest western thinkers have given famous thoughts in multiple areas in one area(ex: Kant, Plato, Aristotle, and mainly Socrates ). My mind is Omni(after 22 years old and readers will laugh). Omni-Mind doesn’t mean to think In multiple areas but gives the complete 360 angle viewpoints to thought(idea, emotion, and feeling). In life, anyone has to learn how to say YES to NO. Omni…

MY mind Ek mini Katha

The reason for writing this story is to acknowledge my foolishness. Mind, can anyone explain why does the body needs a mind? the mind always thinks opposite to what we think but still, we use the same mind to think on same. I hardly utilized 1 % of my time to use my mind till graduation. The reason for this greatest success(I mean it and you know it) is programming and conditioning. I would like to give an example to prove my 1 % success: I don’t know the difference b/w Brain and Mind and…

Hari Vilas

i jut love to write my silence in words

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